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Welcome to the Lafayette Urban Ministry

The Lafayette Urban Ministry (LUM) is an organization of 42 Christian churches that serves as a social safety net for Lafayette's needy children and families.

For over 40 years, LUM has worked to give back the hope, the future, and the self-respect to low-income people in the Greater Lafayette area. We take an active role in trying to change social injustices and improve the quality of life for the poor of Indiana.

We invite you to learn about LUM and keep up to date with the latest LUM news and developments.


LUM Good Samaritan Fund FOLLIES 2014

April 4 ·  · Taken at St. Andrew United Methodist Church

Photo memories from the 3rd annual LUM Good Samaritan Fund Follies. Thanks to all who attended and all who support LUM and the LUM Good Samaritan Program. If you weren't able to attend the "Follies" but still wish to make a donation to the Good Samaritan Fund -- click here: donate.html

The LUM board and staff share deep appreciation to the congregation of St. Andrew United Methodist Church for being such gracious hosts - not only on Follies night, but for the two weeks of rehearsals leading up to it and for the extra cleanup afterwards. LUM fully understands what a big deal this is! Pastor Tim Burchill, Cathy Potter, Tricia Sembroski, Wes White, Larry Theller, Lisa Tally, Donna Biehle, Juan Valdez, the Boy Scouts Troop 335, and all of our puppet ministry friends and characters who went above and beyond the call of duty to make us feel welcome in their church home. LUM is so grateful for the strong sense of mission, partnership and hospitality shared by everyone at St. Andrew toward LUM.








"Thank You” LUM Shelter Volunteers!

The LUM Board and staff would like to extend its deep and abiding thanks to each of the 480 volunteers who worked so hard to keep our shelter open during the recent harsh winter.  When schools, businesses and even Purdue University closed because of the cold or snow, these committed volunteers braved the weather to make sure the homeless in our community had a safe and warm place to stay.  

Two hundred sixty-nine homeless men and women stayed with us an average of 17 nights each this winter.

Special thanks to our volunteer case managers who helped so many of our guests to move off the street into more permanent housing during this period. Thanks also to the more than 100 local churches and organizations who provide warm meals to the homeless in our shelter.















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